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Join the effort, join the LMCA

Please join us today. Membership brings you discounts to our sponsored events, the latest lake news, including herbicide treatment updates, lake management notices, and includes your voice to our campaigns to help better the lake and surrounding areas.

We have partnered up with local business to give special discount to our members.

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LMCA, Inc. membership is available as 3 different membership types:

  • Resident Membership - $25.00 per household - Household must be within Byram, Netcong, Roxbury, or Stanhope. Voting rights are given to all members of the household that are 18 years of age or older.


  • Associate Membership - $25.00 per household - Anyone under the age of 18 and/or households outside of Byram, Netcong, Roxbury, or Stanhope are welcome to join as an associate member, but will not be entitled to voting rights.


  • Business Membership $25.00 - Similar to Resident Membership and Associate Membership, only businesses within Byram, Netcong, Roxbury, or Stanhope will be entitled to voting rights. One vote per business.


Now you have two ways to renew/start your membership!!!

If you have any issues with the form or online payment or for more information about membership contact us at membership@lmcaNJ.org