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Lake Treatment:

Please help us put treatment in place!


Lake Musconetcong Community Association, Inc.
Shoreline Weed Management 2017

It's that time of year when we implore everyone to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation towards shoreline weed treatment!   

We were very happy with our plan through Aquatic Technologies, which will again provide season long biweekly monitoring, as well as more frequent treatment, as needed.

The municipalities will be focused on open waters ONLY this year which leaves the LMCA as the only organization that will be treating public waters along residential shoreline.  So please donate so that we can cover as much area as possible. 

The suggested contribution is $125 for every 50 feet of shoreline.  Donations from lakefront residents, lakeview residents, and anyone who enjoys the lake would be greatly appreciated. 

Click here to open and print our 2017 donation form and then send your check to:

LMCA, PO Box 3, Stanhope, 07874


To charge your contribution click 'Donate' below or email info@LMCAnj.org and request an online invoice.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make your contributions through the mail or online by June 1st, so that we can keep the very time consuming "Door to Door" portion of this drive to a minimum.  That would help our 'all volunteer' board greatly!! smileywinksmiley

Please encourage your neighbors to donate. This is a shared cost aggregate fund held by our 501c3 organization to be used ONLY for shoreline weed treatment.   The more contributions we receive, the better chance we have to reduce the amounts we request in future years. 

SEE IF YOUR COMPANY WILL PROVIDE A CORPORATE MATCH!!  The company of one resident matched 2 to 1  

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  Your friends and neighbors of the LMCA



email us at weeds@LMCAnj.org for any questions regarding this years application